Spring Inspired Art Prints

My week has had me feeling like I’ve been spinning my wheels and not going anywhere. Reminds me of the Flintstones cartoon when they would get in there car, their feet would scramble and it would take them a bit before they would be off…. zoom, zoom!

Last fall I decided I would take Jeanne Oliver’s e-course called Creatively Made. I really thought I would be able to explore a new medium and add to my artistic abilities. But, I truly suck at mixed media! I have been tearing things apart and starting over and over. My self-esteem bottomed out big time today and I just couldn’t grasp the idea that I couldn’t figure out how to do what she was showing without it looking like garbage. Her art is beautiful and I love it AND she made it look really EASY to do. I was feeling very frustrated and down on myself. I felt like a loser!

Then I realized I was pretty crappy at design when I first started. I had to work really hard in my late 20′s to learn and figure out how to manipulate Photoshop and Illustrator. When I was in art school, we did not learn on computers, we learned old school, cut and paste. So, why did I expect to be great at a new media when I had no experience with it. Even though what I was doing was cut and paste. See what I mean… frustrated!

In order to help myself feel better, today, I started working on what I know how to do. (comfort zone!) I wanted to create new art prints using the quotes I came up with last fall. I still really love what they say, their meaning and their imagery. And, I felt so much better doing what I love to do. (comfort zone!)

Tonight, I sat in front of the TV and played with images, curves, fonts and pulled things together until I fell in love. With all the snow and freezing temperatures I am really loving some sweet pastels. I got two of the four art prints done using my inspiration quotes.

As soon as I get them all done and printed, I will put them up for sale in my Etsy shop. These are going to look great in an entry way, or hallway.  I will definitely be on the lookout for some shabby chic, chippy, white frames to display them in.


Thank goodness inspiration found me tonight! How do you help yourself feel better when you are feeling out of sorts?


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